Google has updated its iOS Maps app published, but it may be distributed to users in phases. Now users can
highlight an area of the map and download it for offline use. In addition to
navigation, users can also search for locations on the storage card, complete
with contact information and other details such as opening hours. Support for navigation
by bicycle or on foot is still missing. For route planning via public
transportation is still a data connection. In the update, Google has also
gasoline prices and estimates of the crowds at locations added to Maps for iOS.
Google Maps Get Updates of Offline Functionality for iOS Devices

The Android version of Google Maps received
these additions and improvements about a month ago. The American company is
also working on more offline functionality but acts on that at this time in
detail. At this time, Apple Maps does not have offline functionality. Here
Maps, formerly owned by Nokia and now BMW, Audi and Daimler, also includes
offline capabilities.


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