announced Material Design in June, a style manual to unify all of Google
applications, whether they were for Android, Web etc. The result was good and
that's why from Google Developers has launched a website where they have
introduced a new framework to implement Material Design Lite in web design.
In such
Material Design Lite we will find a series of accessories such as buttons,
checkboxes, fonts and many more elements that follow a pattern established by
Google style, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And all well prepared for any web
designer implement it in their own projects.
Material Design Lite For Web and App

Material Design Lite

The code to
implement Material Design Lite in our projects can be downloaded from GitHub.
It weighs only 27kb and contains an extensive library of components that use
our website projects and applications.
In Material
Design Lite also we find 5 different templates to use in our blog, android app,
panel management, a website or a single page of text.
Also, if
you want to integrate some of the elements of the Google library it has also
provided a "customize section "where to make changes in those
elements regarding color, etc.
Keep in
mind that all these elements and this library will work correctly in the last
two versions of the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge.
Material Design Lite is optimized for use in large, complex web sites as well
as on any mobile devices. That is one hundred percent compliant with the
guidelines set by the Responsive Web Design.
In short,
Material Design Lite is nothing but the way Google thinks it should be designed
all websites. Google has always wanted your browser search Star websites
provide results that are fast loading, clean design, which provide adequate
user experience and adapt to mobile devices.

Material Design Lite to
launch, Google is inviting all designers and developers to follow the line for
them. Currently there are unlikely to be advantage in those pages that
implement this library over the others, but who knows what the future


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