announced the creation of the News Lab, a new platform that aims to contribute
to journalists and other media professionals to produce better and better in
the digital environment. Google gathered services are not new, what the company
is doing is to organize these tools more efficiently to the daily application.
a statement, Google said that the content of democratization has created new
opportunities for journalism and its tools are able to organize this
information and makes it accessible.
Google Launched Journalists and Entrepreneurs Platform

contribute with some of the most innovative organizations in media to handle a
wide range of challenges and opportunities in the news industry today. From
supporting media startups, to empowering investigative journalism, to
bolstering the impact of eyewitness media, we believe the best innovations in
media come when journalists and technologists work together.
News Lab has three pillars: journalism, tools, data and programs.
will also use the platform to announce tutorials best use of your tools
with interactive lessons and display tools.
statement says, "Now, journalists around the world can access these
tutorials products created specifically for news. We will post short text and
video tutorials and case studies that highlight the best practices of the best
news around the world. "


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