After Google+ got a big update a few weeks
ago, which brought a new design for the web and for the app, among other
things, a small update is now re-recorded. Developers pretty much continually
to several improvements and now Luke Wroblewski have confirmed the next update.
Five significant improvements are at the start, which we of course you do not
want to include the following.
Google+ Gets The Web Update with GIF AutoPlay Feature
  • Visible links to categories on Community
  • Auto-play of animated GIFs (with a setting to
    turn on/off)
  • Ability to pin posts within Collections
  • Clearer indication of notifications on the
    home stream
  • Warning to ensure you don't lose new posts
    when changing pages
In communities you can now see links to
categories, GIFs play automatically on request or not, contributions can be
pinned into collections on the Home Stream, there are clear indicators of new
notifications and when changing to other pages there is an indication of unread
New Posts.
The new setting for GIFs should you found directly
into the Google+ settings. There you can also specify whether the GIFs will be
played automatically on all devices, only the PC or not. 


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