Android to iOS

Apple last year released an app, which is to facilitate the switch from Android smartphones to the iPhone. It can import photos, contacts, news, apps and more. With the latest Google Drive update, Google wants to establish a similar function, but to put its own cloud. However, the “Backup” feature of the app is not as extensive as this.

Google has updated website that reports of what needs to be done to switch from iOS to Android. This article explains how different content can be synchronized with Google via the cloud so that they are available on the Android device. Besides, Google seems to want to simplify the process, because the Google Drive app for iOS is a Feature “Backup” get.

Move to iOS

For iOS 9 Apple has a “Move to iOS” app published. It can be downloaded in the Play Store, the counterpart is integrated into iOS 9. The app is able to capture many data from the Android device and copy it to the iPhone. Data such as SMS are also recorded. Apple goes the way of an ad-hoc network over WLAN between the Android device and the iPhone.

The backup function Google Drive will work differently. Because they will not be able to pick up all the data. At least on news and the music library will have to do without. Also the use should not be really intuitive. The app must remain in the foreground until the synchronization is complete. Depending on the filling level of the store, this can take hours.

Then, however, the data is available on demand, since the individual Google services are of course deeply integrated into the Android system. To this extent, it is assumed that Google does not want to implement the function quite selflessly.


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