Facebook is currently working on an extension for Facebook
Messenger, which offers a mix of artificial intelligence and support from real
people. Similar this, now a mobile messenger service also comes through Google
fluttered into the house that taps its artificial intelligence. As insiders of
the WSJ know Google developed as a messenger or an extension called
chatbot technology for one of its own messenger that is supposed to be a sort
of personal assistant to the user.
Mobile Messenger Service with Artificial Intelligence
This artificial intelligence can certainly as an one of extension
to Google Now understand, so you talk to these bots as with real people and therefore
fittingly. The rearrangement in Messenger such services is logical, because the
messengers most people probably spend much of their time anyway. It also aims to
artificial intelligences sometime act like people with us, so we speak of it
even there, where else writes with friends.


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