you like to research your marketplace with a precision that cannot reach with
traditional tools? How would you like to use the information that Google has on
consumers to your advantage?
has launched a new tool, Google Consumer Surveys, which lets you investigate,
quickly and not comparable to other tools of precision, what most interests the
audience you are addressing.

it Works in 3 Easy Steps

Google Consumer Surveys
you want to make a test Pros /Cons on a product you are going to throw; or you need
to know if the price you are going to put a product or service is appropriate
or too high; or even what people think about your brand.
terms of operational, if you are used to create Adwords campaigns, you should
not have much trouble learning to use this new tool, including segmentation
capabilities audiences (for example, do you want me to meet young people only? women
Only? Or maybe young women? What country?).
created, the survey appear in the websites of the sites that host them have
chosen (news sites, reference or entertainment). For example, the owner of a
website can use the survey to provide access to premium content.
are the three steps you must follow in using:

Segment Your Audience

first thing to do is to segment your audience and determine their age,
location, language and devices from which you connect:
Segment Your Audience

you're thinking, "Well, but certainly in my country is not yet available
..." as announced in the official count of Google in March, they were
beginning the process of recruitment websites that will host the surveys in the
following countries: Germany France, Spain, Mexico and Brazil.
extends the initials countries already can imagine were the United States,
Canada, and UK.

Ask Questions

then you perform the question, but first you must choose the format of question
that interests you, from a simple question to multiple responses, rating scale,
with menu images :
Ask Questions

Confirm The Survey

once done, you just have to confirm it.
you see in the picture, just $ 50 you can get 500 responses interests and
market oriented according to the questions you have submitted:
Confirm the survey
you have confirmed, you will receive analytic in an interactive interface which
also offers the most significant statistics between demographic data you've


has made a great effort to expand its range of services, and I personally am
very pleased that this step has been taken to facilitate a more professional
audience using market research tools.
the company itself acknowledges, its uses range from monitoring market trends,
monitoring your own brand image, customer satisfaction survey, and why not ?,
the measurement of impact of marketing campaigns ( for example, to estimate the
conversion, as will explained above).
the cost is not exorbitant, with rates ranging from 10 cents per completed
survey to a single question surveys, up to $3 and a half to complete survey of
ten questions. Of course, the service includes tools for analyzing the
information gathered, including a system of automatic identification of
demographic insights.


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