Google Inc. has completed
the announced step towards the establishment of a new parent company. Since 2
October 2015, the alphabet Inc ( is now the holding company for the
various business sectors in addition to the original pure search engine business.
At the same time one has
made ​​his
own a new slogan. “Do the Right Thing” is the company motto of the
new society, quite similar to Google’s “Do not be evil”. This
restructuring has now been completed, at least outwardly, and on paper. A few
turbulent weeks still be consequences for the employees, said Eric Schmidt, the
CEO of the new alphabet Inc is now as with Google Inc.


For user now changes
hardly anything apparently. Instead, it has now outsourced the pioneering areas
by former Google in their own companies. Evil tongues say, so he can do better
business in the future, ie to sell the company or close more quickly, without
having to worry about the staff.

The Alphabet Inc now
subject to, inter alia, the gadget section Nest (Google Glass, and Nests smart
home products, the Internet supply Fiber, the investors Google Ventures,
various research projects – and of course the Google Inc. name, logo and
company slogan stay as usual. 
New Google Inc CEO’s Sundar Pichai had previously
worked for over ten years at Google, most recently in charge of the Android
division with Google Inc., and is now the new outsourced Google with Android,
Google Chrome and Google Apps before. This includes the Internet search
advertising and YouTube.


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