The search engine company Google has processed a patent by which he wants as discreetly come to the blood of users, as in the
past to their data. Researchers at the company have developed the method to
even without the use of a needle to get to small samples in the future.
Needle Free Blood Disclosed
The described method relies on a hardware
that is small enough to accommodate them in various portable devices can - such
as in those that you can wear on your wrist like a watch. In this way, for
example, measurement systems were implemented to help diabetics going to keep
their blood sugar regularly in view.
Previous methods in the region still rely on
small needles or other items that penetrate the skin to move the body to
deliver a drop of blood. The now patent-pending system, however, is based on a
nozzle from which a highly concentrated gas pulse a so-called microparticles is
shot out. Depending on the density of different depths miniature channels can
be driven into the skin as required.
These particles may be to nano-quantities of
different substances - are possible here, according to Google's researchers
about precious metals like gold and even a very small amount of water. Depending
on the need for a certain amount of blood the investigation opening in the skin
can then be between 10 and 250 microns thick. Immediately after the small shot
draws a vacuum tank, a small amount of blood a view to assigning them the
According to the developer, the process is
significantly less invasive than the currently used systems with small needles.
Originated the method so-called X Lab Group, in which various possibilities to
be explored, with which technology can be used to support the sick. On the
basis of such patents Google could become lodged in the future much more in the
medical field, in which the company currently is active but with fitness
trackers and related software. Then it would be to decide on the users whether
the company ultimately is also access to information from one of the most
sensitive areas of life.


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