Parallel to the smartphone Nexus 5X and 6P Google has end of
September presented another public instrument: The pixels C will be the first
fully developed by Google Tablet. In recent weeks, it was then but so quiet
around the device that some have questioned whether it will ever be available
later this year. Originally Nexus 5X and 6P smartphones were Chromebooks with
Chrome OS, but the pixel C comes with Android therefore. It is a hybrid device that
combines tablet and notebook in a 2-in-1. A become quite known and popular
Google Android Tablet Pixel C May Soon Available
A report of the Dutch Techseite Tweakers, According could now
but go rather quickly. As early as December 8, the pixel C is thus available
through the Dutch Google Store. This would mean that the tablet does not – as
usual from Google – exclusively in the United States goes to the start, but
will also be available in Europe from the beginning. Whether Austria will be
among those countries, can use this information to present course, too early to
say definitively. But chances are likely to be quite good.
The price is to be in Europe at 499 euros for the 32 GB
version and 599 euros for the 64 GB version, and thus clearly target the premium
segment. However, this would also mean that there is this time no fee Europe as
with the Nexus devices, the US price is 499/599 US dollars. The optional
keyboard will cost 169 euros.
It is also clear that the keyboard will form an important
accessory here, with the Google wants to position his device against the larger
iPads and the Surface. This is supposed to be magnetically connected to the
tablet, and are automatically charged through this. Remains to be seen whether
Google has also made appropriate improvements to Android, after all, the
operating system has been optimized not necessarily on the use in productive
The pixel C is to be characterized by a powerful X1 processor
from Nvidia, the distinguished 3 GB RAM. There is a 10.2-inch screen with 2,560
x 1,800 pixels (308 PPI), which should be very bright at 500 nits. The
connection to the outside by means of USB-C connection. The exterior is
reminiscent with its metal look to the Chromebook Pixel, his light bar to
indicate the battery level has been adopted.


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