prefer sites that are fast. In a navigation race, searching for information,
seconds, is the difference between keeping a view or abandonment of the site. In
addition, faster sites are seen as technologically updated, may have low bounce
and increase user satisfaction and can bear fruit in greater engagement.
help website owners and their developers, Google released a tool within Google
, the new Speed ​​Suggestions Report - a tool for analyzing your site and
return some suggestions for improvements to optimize from the size of images
and files to your settings server.
access, simply login to your analytics account the panel behavior >> Site
speed >> Speed ​​Suggestions.   There you will find a list of the most
accessed pages, access time, scores and Page Speed ​​suggestions.
Speed ​​suggestions

if you want a more direct evaluation without having to go to Google Analytics,
you can use the Google Developers tool, PageSpeed ​​Insights in:
Result of a Page Speed ​​Google Insight:
Page Speed ​​Google Insight
closer to 100, the better and faster your site is. Follow the details and see
what can be implemented or modified so that it has a better performance.

out to explore all the tools of the campaign Google and Make the Web Faster


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