Now Google has improved data export features. The ability to
export its data on the takeout function of Google, has been around for quite
some time.
Who the corresponding area in his Google account ansurft who
can now not only download its data backups or push to Google Drive, but also
can send directly to external cloud providers Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox.
Both Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive are namely now a target for the Google
data and next will be Amazon Drive.
Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox
Control Your Content

“When you have a Google Account you can download the content
stored in your account for use in other services, or set up the Inactive
Account Manager to let a trustee download some of your content in the event
that the account is left unattended.”
The link to the external services is done by selecting the
location. Everything else is automatic. After creating the archive (a Zip File)
this is uploaded to Dropbox or OneDrive. Then Google will send the user via
e-mail to a link to the location of the data.


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