Google changes the algorithm, then the screws are for filtering and rate Web
pages changed. Sure, what else! So an accident happens, then it will be made
from now on equal and Google begins to evaluate the previously indexed pages
again. Google can only do if the index up to date. When Google makes an update
to the algorithm, then it whirls the search engine and much more the SEO
industry. That's why you should keep a cool head as the very first, think
logically then, and only then act, if necessary.

new Google update - Index Website

headline says now but really everything, but I'll try to explain it. The
is huge and there are many websites with unimaginable subpages. At
this point we think just looking at shops with hundreds of thousands of
sub-sites. When thinking now to logic, then one can only come to the conclusion
that a Google update takes time and it takes weeks the cards are reshuffled.
Because each site is crawled by Google, but not every day.
Example: My old online shop was indeed every
day from Google Bot visits, but sub-pages only every 4 to 6 weeks. After the
shop was cleared and converted into a WordPress blog, it took 1.5 years to all
Google Store pages (there were once 160,000) has deleted from the index. Google
can only delete what no longer exists, first and second, as seen from Google
itself (crawl).
the situation is similar even with a Google algorithm update. To detect any
content Google must crawl and re-evaluate. It may be that the web sites have
been punished by the previous algorithm, but are now enhanced with the new
update and are therefore often crawled. What was previously "index
friendly", was determined more rarely visited, evaluated and ranked by

Update - The Certified Sites To Be Reviewed

the result that suddenly websites are rinsed in the index that had disappeared
for years in Nirvana and now shake up the search results. The Google algorithm
is a device with many screws and is rotated to a new or worse, and then it
throws the SERP mess. At the start of an update more, after weeks less and
therefore you have to be patient and do not react hastily.


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