links not only measured by their authority, but also by their origin. So links
from newspapers are so important in a strategy of link building for your site,
because they are sites that have a higher degree of confidence to Google.
That’s how I got a link from a newspaper to my blog.

From National Newspapers

are the most dodgy to get, because this requires you to meet someone in the
newspaper that you “add” that link somewhere or make a note of
business with some important news you want to give. Of course, for that your
site must be important enough to interest national newspapers to publish them.
Get Links From Newspapers
good way for you to “link” is looking at these newspapers and domains
that are linked but they do not work and are free so you can make with them.
Thus, if you find a free domain that is linked from the website of the
newspaper, just buy the domain and redirect it to your site. But beware, you
also have to check that this domain is not penalized by Google, because it can

From Local Newspapers

other option is much easier to get and also quite natural, because after all it
is more likely that the newspaper in your town or city link to some content of
your website or blog. Mind you, this is like everything, if you do not know you
soon will wait to do so themselves: you have to ask.

More Than Quality Links

from the article I’ve gotten a quality link to my blog, and although it has the
same authority that may have a link from a national newspaper, for the simple
fact that it is a media Google already gives it a “credibility “many
websites or blogs do not.
there is something that may be even more important: Needless link to Google,
bloggers, newspapers and the readers themselves become aware of the authorship
of an article. Your own name can be your brand, and what you do with your brand
(writing articles in newspapers, help people create their blog, etc.) will
result in the image that will have the rest of it, about you.


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