Future iPhone, Rolling Display, Large Display iPhone, Curved Glass Display

How do you combine the desire of the users to use as large displays as possible on mobile devices with the problem that these become big and cumbersome? Apple has an idea: the display could be rolled up and save so much space.

Apple wants to patent in the US a roll-up display. The displays of the future would have to be so flexible, however, that they allow this procedure several times in succession. Although there are already flexible displays, they are pressed only once in the edges of a slightly curved cover glass.

Apple, on the other hand, is a permanent solution that could enable completely new formats on the iPhone and also on the iPad. The remaining electronics such as the camera, the processor, the memory and the communication components are placed on the sides of the display on the left and right of the display.

Apple's patent application with register number 20170060183 provides that the display surface in these side parts disappears when the device is transported. The individual parts are connected with a magnetic closure. When moving in, small dust traps should clean the display surface.

Visually, the devices would look interesting again like the first papers of mankind: Papyrus rolls were somewhat differently rolled, but the principle is the same.

Samsung is also interested in scrolling displays

Apple had already submitted the patent application in the third quarter of 2015. It was only published now. Ore concurrent Samsung has also filed patent applications with regard to flexible displays, but they are somewhat different. The flexible displays are wound up like a film on a roll.

It is not known by any of the companies that they want to bring corresponding products onto the market in the near future.


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