WhatsApp is
the unbeaten number one Messenger for mobile devices. Now there is this new
version in the Windows Store. Here with this is the Middle Finger Emoji, which
otherwise is available for iOS and Android version for weeks.
Phone users have received an update for WhatsApp, so you can now use the middle
finger-Emojis, which has taken care of the web feeling.
WhatsApp Middle Finger Emoji

A new design
WhatsApp has not received, just the call for more and more users. All changes
at a glance:

  • Own
    notification and silently setting depending Chat
  • Read and
  • Some new
    Emoji. You can also tap and hold certain Emoji to select a different color
  • You can
    select multiple messages in a chat, to pass them or delete them (Windows Phone
  • If you
    receive a contact in WhatsApp, you can just save them or write them a message
    to contact when he used WhatsApp
  • Setting a
    lower data consumption WhatsApp calls under Settings> Chats and calls
  • You can tone
    and vibration for in-app notifications on or off
  • Choose a
    ringtone for WhatsApp calls


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