Firefox for iOS with Night Mode and QR Scanner

With Firefox 8 for iOS, there is a new, alternative browser for the iPhone and the iPad, which brings some new features that make it more comfortable to surf. On the one hand, the app now offers a night mode, which is less dazzling and can scan the other QR codes, behind which often hide URLs.

The iPhone and the iPad get a new browser - but not from Apple, but from Mozilla. The Firefox is released in version 8 for iOS and brings some interesting features. The update includes a built-in QR code reader. This is handy when it comes to recognizing the URLs from the point patterns. The folds with the built-in camera of the smartphone or tablet very well. IOS does not yet have native support for QR codes. This will change only with iOS 11, which is currently in the trial phase and will not come to market in autumn 2017.

The night mode is intended to ensure that the user is blinded by the browser in low ambient lighting. The system is not identical to the iOS-widely implemented night mode of Apple, but harmonizes with it without problems. Also the display of tabs has changed Mozilla in Firefox 8.

Firefox also shows users new features of the browser in a kind of tutorial. More and more apps go for iOS because it has been proven that old users often do not know what new features their software is capable of. Of course, the tutorials can also be canceled so as not to be disturbed. If you want, you can use the synchronization function to send a single page to the desktop browser. This is quite practical.

Of course, Firefox 8 is still free of charge and, as usual, uses the WebKit and thus the rendering engine from Safari. Apple is still rigorous and does not allow the operation of alternative browser engines.

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