bring your website/blog on the #1 (first page) of Google search ranking and
other search engines ranking, it may takes a little bit of hard work from you
and can also depend on many different factors of how you are trying to get this
search rank. If you are finding that you are not getting in the top
rankings or you are not seeing any improvements after putting in some hard
hours into your SEO, there may be something stopping your efforts.
One reason for this could be that your site has duplicated content throughout
its pages. Google will ignore you so always get the site you are working on
filled to the brim with original and informative content.
Spamming in the past from your site can hinder you from achieving the high
rankings you are striving for. Make sure you have removed any trace of the spam
Creating backlinks is key of success ranking. Good high quality sites will be a
great asset to your site so try to have numerous good ones instead of lots of
run of the mill links. Also, to improve your search engine listing, it helps if
the links come from pages that are relevant to your business/area of work.
Choose your keywords wisely and avoid using the same ones as lots of other
people with sites. You may never get to the ranking you want to if there is too
much competition on the chosen keywords. Focusing on these lesser ranking words
will give you a higher chance of getting a higher listing.

Search engine optimization takes time so if you are not achieving the ranking you
require, maybe you need to rethink how you are doing it. Research the area of SEO and keep trying. 


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