Facebook has to test a new feature that may
soon be extended to all users of the company. The news in question is notified
"A friend is writing a comment ..." in the comments section of the post that
we follow. Feature that has always existed on the app Instant Messaging, could
now reach ' Facebook app (starting with version iOS) and revolutionize in his
small users' lives. It's a nice feature, which arises to finally resolve the
problems of the contemporary comments.
a friend is writing a comment
See that a friend is commenting I would wait,
read the comments, and decide how to respond in the same way it already happens
for the other party messaging. The web does not seem to have taken it very
well, and already goes wild l irony network. "It is disturbing,"
"Absolutely useless," these comments that are all the rage, but also
shows the concern of the people, which again sees their privacy injured.
We do not know if Facebook will also plan to
introduce a system to hide our activities, but certainly there will be updates
on the issue in the coming weeks. 


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