Facebook has in addition to its well-known “Like” –
or “Like” button six new symbols introduced which are intended to
express emotions such as compassion, anger or joy. The extensions have been
enabled on Wednesday world and will gradually appear on all users. The
“Facebook Reactions” look like typical emoji characters – a refined
type “Smileys”.
Facebook Brings Six New Emoji
The new symbols are (a heart), laughter (a corresponding Emoji
icon labeled “Haha”), surprise ( “Wow”), “Sad”
(face tear) and “Angry” for love (red in the face) , In support for
the selection Facebook had referred, among other things, for example, that it
would be problematic under a grief-entry a “like” button. The users
obtain the “Facebook Reactions” to see if they hold on the smartphone
the “Like” button is pressed under a post long or slide on the PC
with the mouse over it. As Wired reported dozens were tested Emoji combinations
before the final six icons were fixed.
With Facebook Reactions the world’s largest online network
solves a announcement from founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who in the autumn
of 2015 had announced alternatives to “Like” button. At that time was
still six symbols been mentioned. Of the original proposals, the Approval icon
entitled “Yay” was not implemented at the end.


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