Facebook will give its users the ability to stream live video
to friends. Simultaneously an option uploaded photos and videos to
automatically join in a collage, based on the time and location at which they
are registered.
An overview of the upcoming new features is given in the blog of Facebook. The main new functionality to users via their smartphone to make
live video streaming to friends on the social network. It is thereby possible,
moreover, to select the public itself. Interested parties can subscribe to the
videos; then they get a call the next time that the video stream is turned on
again. If a video stream is over, put the entire video on the timeline, so that
it is once again available. The Live Video service is being tested as yet and
is therefore only available to a small proportion of Americans with an iPhone.
Facebook Bring Live Video Streaming Feature for iPhone Users
In addition, Facebook comes with a function that calls the
Collage. It wants to photos and videos that are posted by users on the social
network automatically sort into collages. On the basis of the time and location
at which pictures and videos are to be created composite frames taken, wherein
the user is still possible to make changes before sharing a collage. Collage is
available immediately for iOS users and comes sometime early next year for
Android, according to Facebook.
To let users quickly choose between the different parts of
status updates, Facebook has slightly changed its interface. In the field where
users can create a post is a dropdown list with several options, including live
video and posting a photo or video. Also, this feature is available for iOS and


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