anyone can create a Facebook campaign, not any can do strategically, I will not
be the expert in advertising, but if I take my time to design a good campaign
to help myself to achieve my goals. Someone who has helped me a lot in this
process is Jon Loomer, a professional in Facebook marketer, especially Ads that
will very openly sharing tutorials and tips. I recommend really follow him. It’s
so useful for us what I learn with him and my curiosity crazy to improve my
results I managed strategies to raise my campaigns, today I will share how I do
it through this post.
Facebook Advertising Strategy 2015


me there are principles or just things to consider when designing an
advertising strategy:
  • Optimization
    - One of the most common mistakes is to launch something that is not optimized,
    for example bring people to a site that does not convert.
  • Limited
    with the basics - We must seize Facebook Ads to get more things than we already
  • Try
    and Testing or change stopping improve - 
    If you supervise a daily basis will not know if your campaign works, it
    is important to have a rapid reaction capability that allows us to always
    invest wisely.
  • Measures
    The Cost - Beyond the cost of the campaign are other related you really should
    be included to determine how much I cost action vs what you got.
  • No
    re-invest when you win -  What I grates
    me is that everyone wants to win but no one changes its budget to higher
    profits ... Something just never understand.

to design a functional strategy

brands have two objectives with advertising:
  • Increase
  • Getting
    a conversion (traffic, offers, shopping, etc ...)

problem is that instead of doing all this together and makes it strategically
loosely and therefore often disorganized. One idea that I propose is:
  1. Increased
    Community - I recommend this for two reasons, first the obvious, which is to
    have greater range and the second because new fans are always open to your next
    content that others that take more time and may not be the all loyal.
  2. Promotion
    - Rather than limit yourself to an ad generates various different messages and
  3. Keep
    in Mind - Is that you prepare a campaign for users in step showed an interest,
    will serve as a reminder and usually works very well.


is where the tricky part comes, never have and if your budget is very small and
do not know how to prioritize, I will bring an example to help. Let's imagine
that your goal is to sell and take advantage of Facebook as a channel of
exposure. Since this case my recommendation would be:
  • Adverts
    - To promote in regard generates products that you sell.
  • Publications
    Promoted - To highlight and distribute for those paid content related to the
    sale of your products.
  • Increased
    Fans - is the lower portion, because as a result of creating good results and
    good publications you increase also indirectly fans.

Campaigns Not Know

you make your ads deciding the format that best fits you and then segmented by
demographic interests you?

there is a world beyond the basics and conventional Custom Audience called that
helps you import the (public) hearing you have in other channels of your brand
to Facebook. I better explain with an example, with this feature you could
import your newsletter subscribers and campaign just for them and more
specifically to those who opened your last email. These ads will you cast a
reminder that function as what you proposed it in email marketing.


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