With the iPhone 6s made ​​pictures awaken at your fingertips
to life. Apple gives images with live pictures a new dimension. In practice,
however, the animated pictures cannot fully convince us. It's been fascinating.
Apple combines ordinary photos with a video sequence. Pressing briefly on the
screen of the iPhone 6s, the images suddenly come to life. "Live
pictures" Apple called this great feature of the current iPhone. But how
can you accommodate the photos, what is the difference to real video and above
all: how can you pass them? We go into the question of what can be done in everyday
life with live pictures.
Live Pictures with The iPhone 6s

Capture Atmosphere

To stop the recording, you have you ever worry. The function
is enabled by default and requires no additional actions in principle by the
user. You press as usual easy on the trigger - the rest makes the iPhone automatically.
It addition to photo stores also 1.5 seconds after triggering. It is not about
to get the best photo before someone winks with the eyes or the decorative
falls in the background. There are the functions of sequential shots. There is
still only one photo in full quality. But live pictures captures the atmosphere
before and after an even including audio recording. Nevertheless, Apple
considers it important that it is not simply to video recordings with live
pictures. Why, it is clear when you look at the format used in more detail.

Advanced Photo Format

Of course, the iPhone will record a movie. The seconds are
not recorded with the video standard frame rate of 30 or even 60 fps. The flood
of data would be even that fast iPhone 6s not grown in the photo resolution of
12 megapixels. The trick is that Apple both resolution and frame rate is
reduced. Only the actual photo will be saved at the full resolution. The video
part is reduced to screen resolution, about one megapixel. In addition, Live
pictures only records 12 fps. Here, a format similar uses Motion JPEG. The
iPhone saves only the changes from picture to picture, to save space. As a
result, a live photo is about twice the size of a normal 12-megapixel photo. If
you press on the screen, it comes alive and shows the associated movie, velvet
tone. Behind the image above to hide two files, JPEG photo and an additional
video component can be accessed only because custom software. Thus, Apple full
compatibility with existing photo tools and other systems here.

Record Live Pictures

They are established live pictures when photographing as
mentioned by yourself, you have only the option to disable the feature. When
shooting with the camera app you see in the middle of the status bar on the
preview - in landscape left of it - an icon with several concentric circles. Is
it yellow, live pictures is active. White means off. Tap it to change the
In a little something then you have to pay but still. Is Live
photos active, the iPhone starts immediately after opening the camera app so to
buffer the video data. Where else should it later have the data for 1.5 seconds
before triggering. By this time recording the iPhone consumes more power with
active camera. You also have to remember not to take down the camera after the
shot immediately, otherwise lacks the stopping time. Thus after the photo is
not the inside of the pocket is recorded, the iPhone 6s from iOS 9.1 will
automatically detect when the camera is lowered, and then terminates a running
live photo-recording.

Live Pictures on the iPhone 6s

In the photos, the app Live images are not particularly
marked. Apple sees well as the norm and wants to establish itself as a
standard. One can argue about whether one can active the function on suspicion
to have live data ready for future applications, similar to the high resolution
of 4K video. If the hype around Live Pictures only ebbed something, many users
will use the function rather as needed. If you shoot a lot, running any risk to
accumulate gigabytes data that are never used. We would clearly wish us a mark
in the overview of photos.
A function to remove the video data does not exist. However,
they can turn off images, so that they do not accidentally about passes. When
you edit photos in a blue live Photos icon appears in the top left. Tap it to
disable the video, the icon will be white, and confirm the change. Like all
edits photos is reversible. The original is preserved, and you can see the live
data as well again activate. When resizing live pictures is the way off
On the iPhone 6s out live pictures can be activated when
viewing photos in by pressing on the screen. In addition, you can use it as a
background on the lock screen. Again, should you press to play the animation.
Another possibility is to transmit live images to the Apple Watch. There they
can be with the Watch app play photos by continuing with your finger on the
display typed (no Force Touch!). Very funny is the use as a dial. There, the video
automatically runs about half a second when the display is activated, which
fits quite well for a glance at the clock.

Disclosure of Live pictures

The disclosure to other devices is still a tragedy. In early
November with iOS 9.1 and OS X 10.11.1 cannot use on the Mac live pictures.
About mail and Photo Stream only Photo Shares are synchronized. The same in
notes. The brand new app even supports live play locally on your own iPhone.
Only on messages we have managed to transfer the pictures to other devices with
iOS healing. 9 On the iPad, the image will be highlighted in news with a live
photo icon. It can be secured in photos and play like on the Apple Watch by
long tapping the screen. If Live pictures should prevail, Apple still has some
way to go.


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