Ericsson will work with Apple in the mobile
technology and exploring new 5G network techniques and better video streaming.
In addition, Ericsson has a patent agreement with Apple is closed and finished
his litigation. With each purchase of iPhone and iPad Ericsson is to receive a part
of the turnover.
 Mobile Network
Ericsson and Apple want to co-operate
research and development in the region. The goal is faster mobile networks, a
traffic management for smooth video and the improvements in wireless
technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In addition, the company quit under a
new patent license agreement their disputes. How much Apple will pay for the
use of Ericsson patents, is a trade secret. The contract has a term of seven
years. Reuters reported that 0.5 percent of iPhone and iPad sales must be
given. The current agreement was preceded by fierce legal battles.

In February 2015, the Swedish company Apple
had accused of infringing 41 patents and was not obliged to pay. It concerned
mostly part patents in the field of mobile communications (GSM, UMTS and LTE).
However, location services, and even some parts of the user interface of iOS
were the subject of disputes. However, it is no wonder that the dispute in
February went off: In January, the previous license agreement ran out.  Ericsson expects 2015 revenue of 13 alone and
14 billion Swedish kronor (1.4 to 1.5 billion euros) from the field of patents.
Numbers must of course not just Apple. 2014 should have been 9.9 billion crowns
(around EUR 1.1 billion), reported the news agency Reuters.


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