Blogger introduced a new set of XML expansions to the Blogger template engine,
designed to let you flexible editing and customization of blogger’s each blog post
and page HTML codes. These expressions containing a set of widget tags which
are used to comparison, conditional  and
loops to change the design and outputs of each blog post and pages.
Blogger now, supports many
more expression operators, including:
    Inversion of Boolean data true/false values
with !/not
    Like <b:if
    Preference conditional values with ?:
    e.g. <a
expr:class=’data:post.allowComments ? “comments” :
“no-comments”‘ …
    Checking if a value is a member of a set or
array, with in/contains
    e.g. <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType in
{“index”, “archive”}’>…
    Relating multiple conditions with Logical
Operators and/or
    e.g. <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType ==
“index” and data:post.allowComments’>…
    Changing the order of operations with Postfix operator
    e.g. <div expr:style='”max-width:
” + (data:width + 10) + “px;”‘>…
you can try out new design tags, like:
    <b:elseif for a simpler multiple-case
b:if branch.
   <b:switch and b:case for succinctly
handling several possible cases of a variable.
    <b:eval for evaluation of more complex
expressions involving data variables.
    <b:with for creating a nicer variable
alias for a calculated value.


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