Support for Windows 8 will be shut down by
Microsoft on January 12. According to Microsoft, computers with Windows 8 may
continue to be sold only until June 2016. This means that this operating system
version will no longer receive new security updates.
End of Support For Windows 8
Users who wish to continue to receive updates
should upgrade to Windows 8.1, which is available for download via the Windows
Store, until tomorrow. After day 12, the upgrade to Windows 8.1 will no longer
be offered in the app store.
It is also worth noting that PCs with Windows
8.1 are entitled to free upgrade to Windows 10. Windows 8 is not supported. With
the end of support for Windows 8, who migrate to Windows 8.1 may continue to
receive security updates until January 10, 2023, which is when the extended
support phase will be terminated.
Already the standard support phase or Windows
8.1 mainstream, which allows the operating system to receive new features and
functionality beyond the security updates, will be closed on 9 January 2018.


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