Microsoft recommends that customers running
older versions of Internet Explorer upgrade to the latest version, ie Internet
Explorer 11 on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Internet Explorer 11 is a
consistent and reliable browser platform for enterprise Web applications. Most
large organizations have a wide variety of Web applications that have evolved
over the last 20 years. Only the Internet Explorer 11 supports the security
requirements, manageability, performance, backward compatibility and modern
standards demanded by large portfolios of Web applications.
End of Support for Older Versions of Internet Explorer
The Internet Explorer 11 offers the best
compatibility with previous versions of all web browsers. With nine modes
documents, Internet Explorer 11 is the only browser to offer high-fidelity
emulation for older versions of Internet Explorer. Update the applications to
modern standards is still the best long-term strategy, but you can use the
backward compatibility to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 with even more speed
and ease.
Web modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and
WebGL guarantee the operation of Internet Explorer 11 with current sites. As
your company migrates more and more applications and cloud-based services, you
need an enterprise-class browser to help ensure business continuity. Internet
Explorer 11 provides consistency and reliability in their desktops Windows 7,
Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
The Internet Explorer 11 is safer than
previous versions. For example, the independent security company NSS Labs
discovered in 2010 that Internet Explorer 8 blocking about 85% of social
engineering malware. She recently reported a 99% block rate for Internet
Explorer 11. With safety features like the SmartScreen and Protected Mode
Advanced, Internet Explorer 11 significantly reduces risks.
Internet Explorer 11 is fast thanks to
improvements in JavaScript performance, network optimization and rendering of
text and JPEG with acceleration for full hardware. You think your Web
application in Internet Explorer 8 slow? Bring new life to them upgrading to
Internet Explorer 11, which will provide a better use of their hardware
investment. Some organizations have justified the upgrade to Internet Explorer
11 based solely on performance benefits.
Internet Explorer 11 can facilitate your next
move to Windows as the Internet Explorer 11 is the only version of Internet
Explorer that works on both Windows 10 and in Windows 8.1. Upgrade to Internet
Explorer 11 on Windows 7 can now help unleash the next generation of software,
services and devices.

Although Internet Explorer 11 offers the
benefits of faster performance, greater safety, better backward compatibility,
support for modern standards, security updates, and ongoing technical support
and Windows easier migrations, we do not forget the cost of the upgrade. Investment
as the  Corporate mode browser help
reduce the cost of testing and Web application fixes.


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