3.12.4 of Dropbox has appeared. Dropbox is an online storage service that
allows you to synchronize files between different computers. In addition, files
and photo albums can be shared with people who do not have a Dropbox account.
Clients are available for Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and
Kindle Fire. A free account gives you access to 2GB of storage, with the
possibility to expand it by contributing to new users. Upon payment of ten
euros per month is the 1TB storage capacity. Also, there is the possibility of a
business to exit subscription.
Dropbox New Version 3.12.4 for Mac OS X 10.6
version 3.12 include improvements made ​​to Dropbox Badge, which is
collaborating with Microsoft Office documents to make it easier. The changelog
for this release is as follows:

is New in V3.12.4?

  • Fixes
    a rare issue that caused slow syncing
  • [Mac]
    Fixes for the tray popup on Mac OS X 10.6

03.12 in the series:

  • New
    functionality for the badge
  • View
    if the document is shared, and change sharing permissions
  • Email
    file from the badge
  • Comments
  • [Mac]
    UI improvements for the Tray Popup on Mac
  • [Windows]
    Support for Windows 10 Enterprise Data Protection
  • Changes
    to how the client runs before a user signs in
  • Reduced
    memory usage
  • Many
    small fixes and improvements


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