The Mailbox app for Mac never came out of beta and has not
been updated for some time. "Saying goodbye to mailbox and Carousel ",
the title of the blog entry with Dropbox. Thus the cloud specialist seals the
fate of two very solid services that are actually not so long entertained by
the company.
Dropbox Mothball Mailbox and Carousel Services
In 2013 Dopbox buy mailbox developer and wanted to as we get
e-mails the way and manage a bit better and easier. Although the response from
customers has been very positive, Dropbox is decommissioning the service from
February 26, 2016. However, it leaves the user does not stand in the rain, but
shows them in some documents as you can switch to other mail apps.
Some week longer it takes until the photo app Carousel is
completely pulped. From April 2016 this app will no longer exist. Carousel
offered a great opportunity with its photos stored in the Dropbox to interact
and arrange in a quite interesting Art. Again, we must look well for
In the blog entry now the company thanked behind the two apps
at the same time users, and asks to be excused for the step. 


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