is the buzz word of today web era. And thousands of blog owners want their
website achieve first page status and being easily searched for, some of these newbies
are making fatal mistakes when they trying to optimize their websites or web
pages to get high ranking. SEO is the process and means by which a website can
manipulate results from Internet searches to better the chances of them popping
up at the top of the search result. In order to be selected to top search, a
website must possess the right keywords and relevant content and images.
is in turn, preventing them from getting their website where they want it! I
have devised a list of 3 SEO don'ts to follow when trying to optimize your
website or web page.
Don't use the same Title Tag for all Page titles. Instead, use various and
different keywords in your page titles. By doing this, you can make your pages
more specific and this can then improve your chance of getting listed in the
search engines by using more than just the one set of keywords for your site.
Don't overdo the keywords in your content. You must remember to use your
keywords within the content, in the body text and in the ALT tags of any images
on your pages. Just be careful to not overuse them as you can then get into
trouble with the search engines.

Don't forget you're targeting real people. Remember that it’s not just search
engines that will be reading your page content of your website. Your website is
mainly for real human beings that are searching and must therefore be aimed to
them with interesting, up to date and relevant information that uses the
keywords without any effort in the wording on your site. Follow these SEO
don'ts to gain better rankings an entice your visitors to take action when they
arrive at your website.


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