Washington (USA) - For the coming
Thursday, the US space agency NASA has announced the publication of new
discoveries of the planet-seeking space telescope Kepler. While the exact
content of these findings is not yet known, then, there are signs that the
discovery of one (or several) Earth-like planets - could go - a so-called
Second Earth.
"Especially Earth-sized and
thus small planets outside our solar system belonged to before the age of 21
still in the realm of science fiction," says NASA press release.
"Today, several thousand Expo planet discoveries later, astronomers are on
the verge to find exactly what the people for millennia dream:. A second Earth"

Also participating in this press
conference expert, speaking through their expertise for such a discovery: In
addition to the deputy director of the Science Mission Directorate, John
Grunsfeld and the Kepler-Data Analysts Jon Jenkins from the Ames Research Center
of NASA, is also Didier Queloz of the University of Cambridge comment on the
Queloz itself has increasingly focused in recent years on the search
for rocky planets. The continued participation of the Kepler project scientist
Jeff Coughlin from the SETI Institute could also indicate that the supposedly
second Earth was found in a binary star system. 


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