It is a developer
managed to provide Windows 95. Although booting it now takes more than twenty
years old operating system about an hour, the software seems to run remarkably
well be Apple Watch.
Proving the
installation creator Nick Lee has put a video online to show the installation
of Windows 95 on Apple Watch. It shows that actually operates the Windows 95 operating
system, even if it takes several minutes before Lee manages to start a program.
Using touch gestures can open menus.
Developer Installed Windows 95 on Apple Watch

In a blog post Nick Lee
explains that he had to apply several tricks to get working Windows 95. For
example, the software had to be packaged as a sort Watch application before the
smart watch would accept it. It appears that it can be rotated own application
code in some of the files, instead of that of Apple itself. So we managed to
get an x86 emulator working which Windows 95 running virtually. The rest of the
steps are set by Lee put on his blog post. 

Much use is running
Windows 95 on the Apple Watch out. However, it is a hobby project and a
demonstration of the fact that the smart watch can run a desktop operating
system. The Apple Watch is built a 520MHz processor, which works with 512MB of



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