new Dell Venue Pros 8 and 10 have recently appeared on the market and make a
good impression. Not only because the company has withdrawn from the 2013 stock
market and so is no longer a slave to greed of investors. Dell does also happen
to be absolutely fantastic hardware.
real cream pieces are from my point of view but the devices of the XPS series.
With its almost rimless Infinity display, compact design and a strong inner
life, the Dell XPS 13 has left a lasting impression.
Dell New XPS 15 with 4k Display
more about the Dell XPS 15 have emerged. On the official side (albeit somewhat
hidden) one can already see the specifications.
to a user on Windows Central, the Dell XPS 15 could be available as early as
October. He wants to hear about a support staff. Please enjoy this information
with caution.

15 inch 4k display, Nvidia GTX 960M Graphics, all in an extremely compact housing. The Dell
XPS 15 has good to replace Surface Pro 3 and Samsung Ativ Ultrabook.


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