buys the cloud server and data storage specialist EMC. This was announced yesterday
in a press release. The purchase will cost the computer manufacturer around 67
billion US dollars. This creates claims to the largest privately owned company
. In addition, it concerns with the deal at the largest department in
the IT industry. Following the acquisition, DELL is a value of about two
trillion dollars.
Dell Big Acquisition, Buys Large Technology Industry, EMC and VMware
computer company has it mainly on business customers apart, which are to be
recruited strengthened now. Together with technologies from EMC to the
competitors - are kept up - like Amazon Cloud or Microsoft OneDrive. The subsidiary
of EMC, VMware is also on DELL pass. However, this remains independent and will
as before be traded on the exchange. The acquisition is expected to take their
time: are completed by all the operations to move into the country almost a
year. The acquisition is expected to end in October 2016 to be completed.


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