Webmasters will control how to Google interacts with
your blog webpages by exploit the robots.txt file. The parameters of this file
tell search engine crawlers how they should visit your website and their
webpages.  All Blogger weblog use CSS and
JavaScript code. These are usually internal and external files that are linked
with your blog using <link>, <script> and other HTML tag.
The files and directories you do not want indexed by
search engines, you’ll use a robots.txt file to outline wherever the robots
shouldn’t go. These files are simple text files that are placed on your web server.
Google should have access to those resources in order to fully understand your
webpage, however usually these files are blocked by the robots.txt file.
robotstxt file and Googlebot

To crawl your blog CSS and JS file by search engine, allow
all of your blog assets in robots.txt file to be crawled. The Google uses a web
crawler named Googlebot to crawler and indexing system renders webpages using
the HTML of a page as well as its assets such as images, CSS, and JavaScript
Every webmaster ought to grasp that a search engine
crawler like Googlebot should be able to crawl and indexed your blog  so as for it to be enclosed in search engine

Setup a robots.txt for blogger blog:

User-Agent: *
Disallow: /?*
Allow: /assets/**.css/
Allow: /assets/**.js/
Allow: /assets/images /
Allow: /
Sitemap: “xml sitemap URL here”


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