With research like NASA and Google employees
demonstrate a quantum annealing-computer as the D-Wave can actually be more
efficient than a traditional computer. In the study, the performance of the
D-Wave-quantum computer were compared with those of a conventional computer
that made ​​use of so-called simulated annealing. In addition, the quantum
approach showed orders of magnitude faster. The simulation was done with a
Monte Carlo algorithm which is referred to as Quantum.
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When the results have to some comments made.
The most important is that the quantum mechanical effect of the D-Wave quantum
computer is still not proven conclusively. Moreover, the machine is only to a
limited extent, to be regarded as quantum computer marks, since only quantum
annealing is possible with the qubits. In addition, a quantum annealing
computer is only suitable for solving a limited set of issues, such as the
traveling salesman problem. Also, the translation of problems in one for the
D-Wave compatible problem is not easy. The result achieved would be encouraging
for the feasibility of a quantum mechanical approach to complex problems.
It is not that there are already practical
applications in the offing, Google writes on its research blog. With the research, which appeared on the arxiv site and that is not subject to the judgment of other scientists, the team
wants to show that a problem with nearly one thousand binary variables is
twice as fast solved with normal processor core that uses of simulated
annealing. MIT Technology Review also notes that the conventional computer code
turned had to use a similar algorithm as was used by the D-Wave. However, there
is an alternative algorithm known for conventional computers, which allows this
much more quickly and possibly even more quickly than would be the D-Wave to this
specific problem, according to MIT Technology Review.
The study used the D-Wave X2, the third
generation of computers of the Canadian D-Wave Systems, which allows certain
quantum algorithms can be executed via quantum annealing. The heart of the computer
operates at a temperature of 15 milli Kelvin, or just above absolute zero at
-273.15 ° C.


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