Recently we saw that Microsoft had initiated the tests with Cortana in iOS, thus demonstrating that the date for the public
availability of the voice controlled assistant was getting closer. Now, the
Redmond company has finally released the app for download in the App Store,
allowing Apple system users can finally enjoy the novelties presented by rival
Siri. As Cortana is still not compatible with our language, however, will only
be possible to download it if you use the device in the US region, it is
necessary to speak or type commands in English.
According revealed, various functions of the
assistant are already present in this first public release, such as:
  • Reminders sync between your computer and your
    smartphone, with information on location and date / time
  • Tracking of flights, packages, stocks in the
    stock market and other important information
  • Use Cortana Notebook to view and edit
    personal information, ensuring greater knowledge base for assistant
  • Perform searches and get answers on various
  • Entertainment functions like jokes and
    questions “personal”

As can be seen, the user experience of
Cortana will be very similar to what was seen in its version for Android
released in beta for some time and that now arrived in his stable version, thus
demonstrating that Microsoft plans to actually build a multiplatform assistant
count with few differences between them, thus ensuring a more intuitive
experience between users who migrate from one system to another.

Cortana Released Officially for iOS and Android
Remember that the main difference between
Cortana in other platforms and what we have in Windows 10 is that the assistant
be just another application in these systems while in Windows 10 it is an
integral part, not needing so break away from restrictions imposed by the
developer the platform and relying on full access to the most varied sectors.
This, however, may be increasingly worked for Microsoft in future updates of
Cortana for Android and iOS, a partnership with Google and Apple being held so
that the assistant has greater freedom.
There is still no information about the
arrival of Cortana to our country for iOS clients, leaving we wait that
Microsoft has ruled to let us know if Apple users will have to wait long after
the arrival of the software to members of the Insiders program on Windows 10
Mobile, which the company itself will get the wizard still this December.


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