Cortana already exist for the Windows
platform and has long even for Android. So far lacked the counterpart for iOS.
But even here, Microsoft closes on now and has begun to provide the first
person with a beta version of Cortana.
Microsoft-News reported, citing the Microsoft
Support Engineer Irfan Intekhab that some iPhone owners who then logged on after
the announcement of Cortana for iOS for a beta test, Cortana can try now.
Cortana Beta Version Voice Commands Testing for iOS

To perform the beta testing, Microsoft relies
on Apple’s tools “Test Flight”, with which suppliers of Apps
restricted beta testing can perform on iOS devices. One limitation of Test
Flight refers to the number of participants for the beta testing. Because it
can take the test more than 2,000 people. Thus, Cortana is under iOS only very
few users for testing purposes.
Thus Cortana can synchronize the data
collected across platforms, a Microsoft account will be provided. In this type
of course a date that has collected on the Windows PC or on a Windows Phone,
displayed on the iPhone. Microsoft asks its testers also about making use of
this possibility. In addition, the tester will test the collection of voice
commands extensively.

Visually, Cortana differs on iOS not
significantly different from the Windows or the Android version. In scope
Cortana is under iOS able to perform the user search queries to retrieve
information or to inform the user about upcoming appointments. Information
includes, for example, calendar events, weather or news.


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