The Surface Pro 4 is a 12.3-inch Windows 10 Tablet, further
with an aspect ratio of 3: is equipped. 2 Compared to its predecessor, the
display is indeed grown slightly but the external dimensions are the same. It
seemed altogether more compact and modern. Angles to the optional type cover
on, the frame disappears completely at the bottom. Thus, the Surface Pro 4 works
even better. The resolution of the display is 2736 x 1824 pixels and 267 PPI.
This is the perfect pixel density for a good representation for Microsoft.
Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Book
The Surface Book is 13.5 inches, although slightly larger,
but it looks still very compact. The resolution is 2000 pixels at 3000 x. There
are also here the pixel density of 267 and an aspect ratio of 3: 2. That is
quite a bit unusual for a laptop. Thus, it is significantly higher than the
competition. To work, however, this aspect ratio is very good. Both devices
come with a new stylus that can be attached to the side of the display. There
is installed a new N-trig digitizer, which now recognizes 1024 pressure levels.
Thus, for handwritten input even better implementation.
The Surface Pro 4 is indeed a tablet, but it can be done with
a Type Cover to a laptop. The Surface Book is a laptop, the display can also be
removed and officially be used as a “clipboard”. The Surface Pro 4
maintains this by getting about 8 hours while the Surface Book comes on for 3
hours. Only with the dock, where the greater part of the battery pack is
installed, it is possible for a period of approximately 13 hours to reach. It
always depends in the end on what to do with the equipment. In addition, the
Surface Book has optional NVIDIA GPU, which allows for even higher performance.
The top video you get any further information.


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