The speculation about a new iPhone model with4-inch display have received new sustenance. The mobile operator China Mobile
expects to launch the device in April. This was stated by the company on a
recently held event. The statement is consistent with the previous rumors.
Among experts, it is now considered certain that Apple will launch a new 4-inch
smartphone as a successor to the iPhone 5s on the market to meet the demand for
a better model.
China Mobile Brings 4-inch iPhone in April
As new features compared to the iPhone 5s are
a faster processor (A9), support for the payment service Apple Pay, improved
cameras, Bluetooth 4.1 or 4.2 and faster WiFi (802.11ac) talking. The
smartphone will be available in several colors, are equipped with a metal
housing and cost between 400 and 500 dollars in the US. Possible name:
"iPhone 6c".
Apple is planning a product presentation, on
the not only the new 4-inch iPhone, but also an improved Apple Watch will be
presented. Apple's SmartWatch should therefore receive a FaceTime camera for
video calls and are less dependent on the iPhone. Also additional health
sensors and a longer battery life is speculated. In the first half 2016 also
could be an improved iPad Air coming to market.


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