IPhone-Security-Case (Picture: Macrumors)

The new iPhones are transported by Apple with extreme care but also with the greatest secrecy. This is to prevent them from being photographed on the road or even stolen. A special cover provides the necessary protection.

Before a new iPhone comes into the trade, countless prototypes are built and tested. The complexly manufactured devices are, of course, also used outside of Apple's test labs and must be transported to different locations. An ideal opportunity for reporters but also for the competition and other groups of people to spy the devices.

In order to avoid this happening, the smartphones are transported in special cases, which are already used when the prototypes are transferred from the factory in China to the USA. Paying the Leaker Sonny Dickson has now discovered pictures of these mysterious enclosures and she played MacRumors.

The case covers most parts of the iPhone prototype. A yellow security tape ensures that Apple can recognize immediately when the case has been played around and unauthorized persons have tried to open it. These safety tapes are torn into countless small strips when you open the case cover or floor, or try to pull the tape off.

The prototype is, of course, also equipped with accompanying papers, so that it is immediately recognizable what exactly is the case in the box. Not only model numbers but also the most diverse features and versions are recorded. Test notes and the signatures of the involved engineers supplement this information.

Information continues to unfold

Even these measures cannot prevent the information and photos of prototypes from getting to the public. Mostly, they are photos from the factories that are smuggled out. But at least once a prototype came into the possession of the press. In 2010, an Apple employee lost an iPhone 4 in a bar near Cupertino, which was then promptly found.


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