How to boost your blog traffic, alexa rank, page rank etc. and solution is “build
more and more content”, but how?  “Guest
Posting”, hire authors and contributes your blog with friends to build niche

Okay, suppose you have hired 3 paid authors, contributes your blog with 2
more friends and including you, you have 6 writers on a single blog. But most
important thing is “What is the limit of posts per day in which blog does not
considered as a spam blog?” This may be a question to most blog writers using
the Blogger platform. 
Spam Blog
At this time I also do not feel clear about what is the
maximum number of posts that we can write or update a day. I unruffled some of
the information from the other blogs, but very unacceptable! Some say up to 10
posts per day, some say 25 posts per day, 50 posts per day, up-to 100 posts per
day. I can’t determine which one is true? Perhaps you at one time or there may
be some other author who has logged in, when you want to publish an article
suddenly shaped verification code captcha code appearing in our blog, I think
this code warning to us, you may be spam. 

The opinions above not only calculated when a new article writing but also time
to update article. So there is one idea that I think is right in which we
suggested a maximum of 20-25 post a day. Write or update 20 articles per day is
safe, do not things that are not excessive Blog considered spam by Google.


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