Who like blogging passionately,
spends many hours in front of the computer? Because blogging is not only the
writing is often a long, informative texts, and perhaps even a little image processing.
Who takes the Blogger seriously comes to extensive research and networking with
other bloggers hardly around. Even comments and inquiries will be answered
All this takes a lot of time that
you spend mostly sitting alone at the desk. Without a partner or family you
will be here quickly lonely – unless it moves its work in a joint office or a
co-working space. There one comes with a short chat every now and again to
other thoughts and even one or the other an idea for a blog article.
Blogging Life - Whether as a Hobby, Fashion or Profession
Who endures for hours every day
almost motionless in front of the monitor, soon feel the health effects. It is
therefore all the more important value to good and ergonomic equipment in the
workplace to create. Employers are obliged by law even. Who operates as a
blogger his own small business or just a hobby blogs, has to look after
themselves to ergonomic equipment and furniture.
Good matching office furniture can
make a big difference. While often emphasis is placed on a high-quality and
adjustable model with the chair, the desk is mostly being ignored. In this
case, the wrong height leads to back problems, tensions and even the infamous
mouse arm. A multi-adjustable desk is therefore a good choice. Who inserts a
pause for reflection, should quietly get up and possibly even leave his
workplace. A few minutes in the fresh air or a short walk to make your head –
the supposedly lost time one gets loose through the efficient work following
the break in.
The desk and especially the –
preferably matte – monitor should be placed so that a glare-free working is
possible. A good keyboard and an ergonomic mouse round out the healthy office.
And what else you need to feel
comfortable in the office? Houseplants provide some loosening and a good indoor
climate. Personal belongings on the desk and pictures on the wall make the
office life and provide inspiration. So can be divided into small pauses
blogging a fresh boost recharge creativity. All too cluttered neither desk nor
the agency itself should be. Because little space and a restless environment
hinder the productivity and reduce the concentration that is so important in
intellectual work such as blogging.


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