Most billionaire
investor Carl Icahn, who has bought in recent years on a large scale Apple
shares and manifested regularly his assessment of the business situation at Mac
and iPhone maker, made on the stock exchange for a bang. Icahn sold his
complete package of Apple shares by its own account – and justifies this by the
uncertain situation in China.
The Chinese government
could step in and make it very difficult for Apple, there to sell products,
Icahn told the US news channel CNBC. That this concern is not unfounded shows
an incident in the recent past. Recently Apple e-book and movie sale was
prohibited in China. According to information from the New York Times, the
State Media Authority should have ordered the closure. A reason was not
disclosed accordingly. In China Internet contents are strictly filtered.
Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn Repels Apple Shares

Icahn began in Summer
2013 with the purchase of Apple shares and recently holding just under one
percent of the computer pioneer. With its investment in Apple he deserved
claims to about two billion dollars. Despite its Bedenkung regarding the situation
in China, he keeps Apple continue for a great company and did not rule out
investing at a later time in Apple shares. 

The Apple stock slid 3% after the announcement of Icahn, the red and finished
yesterday’s trading day on the New York Stock Exchange at a price of nearly 95


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