Do not follow any
rewriting tool/technique to write unique post contents, blogger should focus on quality
content writing.  Do not act as stupid
with running tips to copy and paste or use of rewrite technique. Clearly you
can’t knockdown the Google, your article is scanned for duplicated content. Google
is very prohibiting such type activities. Google may take a serious action against
scraped content and ultimately, Google can do domain deletion or known as
banned/spam blog.

Best SEO Content Strategy

A copy and paste technique
including rewriting is foolish and not good for your blog. Whatever the reason,
even if you do the rewrite tips from a site that has a high reputation (High
PageRank Sites) and best seo, Google algorithm will still be able to smell the
existence of these things. Moreover, on the pretext that not qualify copyscaper Google program.

examples of dangerous things both visible and subtle conducted by certain
parties include:
  • To
    copy and paste directly from other sites and display on their own blog. Without
    adding value useful for visitors making garbage in search Google.
  • Make
    modifications including making synonym, use sentences like, do the spinning is
    readable by Google easily. This includes using an automated program.
  • Doing
    a remake content taken from rss feeds reputable sites also easily detected by Google.
  • The
    addition of video, images and other media content in post results also do not
    escape punishment if you do not provide added value to these postings.

The entire above are often
called good tips do a rewrite or copy the article is a very simple ignorance in
Google detection. It’s worthwhile to take the time to write original post content
that sets your site/blog apart. This will force your blog visitors coming back
and will provide more useful results for users searching on Google.


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