Blogging and Designing are
two different things. Most designers actually not a blogger, but a blogger has
always been a designer as well. They are always avoiding these fatal mistakes
like selection of fonts, images, and the background in designing the look of
the blogger blog. These type errors mainly affect the user friendly aspect and
loading time.
Here are six mistakes that
make your blog design horrible:

1. Blog Font Face &

Letters and words play a
very important role in the design of the blog. Because the letter (text) this
is scanned or read by visitors. Do not use an ugly letters, ugly letters means
are about the size too large or too small, too many styles, alias the letter
So use the letters that
correspond to the user experience, such as Arial, Tahoma, Georgia, and Open
Sans, Droid Sans. The majority of reputable news sites using Arial with a size
of 12 to 16 pixels.

2. Eyes Hurting Background

Blog backgrounds need not
adventurous. Especially in mobile view, enforce the background appears. Avoid
the use of images in the background because it makes loading blog so slow.
Many bloggers are using
colorful images for background blog. It interferes with the reader. But the
best blog back colors are plain white, gray, or dark.

3. Unsuitable Blog Logo

Sometimes we see unusual blog
logo, too big, too small, not fit with the header area, as well as too
colorful. Good logo is simple with bright colors (color light) but not to
dazzle the eye.
You can create a blog with
an application like Corel Draw, Photoshop, or free of charge to make it in a
number of sites Free Logo Maker. For a professional impression, you can also
make a tagline in the logo.

4. Unusual Font Mixing

Some of bloggers use too
many fonts when they write content. The more types of letters, the more weight
for loading the blog, it’s also increasingly unsightly. Use 2-3 letters only,
it was already a lot. Arial for text and Oswald was enough for the title.
Most important is the
combination. Using more than one typeface looks professional.

5. Font Color:

Font color also plays an
important role for the convenience of readers. Selection of the wrong color
will make your blog uncomfortable for the eyes of visitors and they will not

6. Blog Images Size

Before upload, edit first
the file size as small as possible, so that does not burden loading time. If
the image is displayed in an area 300 pixels, then upload the one-size image
that much.


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