I noticed many online
business owners that made the biggest mistake in the technique of link building
usually they follow, due to lack of knowledge about SEO and do not understand the
power of natural backlinks. If they adhered the right way of boost long
term seo (natural way, in other words white hat SEO), then no fatal error occur
during the backlink building techniques.
If you follow the black
hat seo techniques in doing link building techniques, you should make ​​a
big mistake that resulted, your site ranking dropped dramatically, sandbox even
banned. And if it is to be punished like this, ultimately the blame is the
source of backlinks or even commented backlink been ineffective.
7 Intact Link Building Mistakes
The technical error
backlink building is often done:

Links in Comment:

you know that commented links are not natural way to to boost site backlinks? Google
really know that the comment by making a link is a deliberate act. If you
would like to comment on blogs and forums, preferably in the form of domain
names do not keywords. Avoid blogwalking, do not have to write a blog
address on the website in the comments column. If you are active in
forums, preferably shaped signature url or blog name or domain name. Do
not use keywords.

Creating Backlinks as Much
of The Site: 

If you find a site to submit articles or social
bookmarking that PR is high, usually doing a great mistake with many-many
made ​​a
post to the homepage. If you make 10 posts, all directed to a single
URL. It also deemed not natural. Should vary to the articles on your
site. In addition, if you are targeting seo, 10 backlinks from 10
different websites pagerank more powerful than the 100 backlink from PR 5 site
1 Errors link building like this is clear. 

Rewriting Articles:

social bookmarking and forums, many people are making the same article (even
copy and paste) and then create a backlink to the post on his blog. This
technique gives the impression of “accidental”. Where possible pike
some post content from different sites and rewrite in own words but not the
same article. 
Titles Which Have Targeted
Keywords: This error was fatal. If your competitors are doing your
domain search (without extension .com), then the source of backlinks
legible. And he could have done the same thing to do link building through
the site. Because if competitors have backlinks source, amount and quality
of the same with your site, then the site pagerank be decisive. If he is
your PR, PR 2 and 0, then the SERP position can be skipped.

The Number of Articles Vs

This fatal error most often occurs when your blog have more
backlinks in comparison to blog articles. If your site contains three
articles and you get a backlink from 100 different domains, guaranteed your
blog does not achieve the best SERP.

Creating Dofollow

This technique makes you stuck in “unnatural activities”.
If you are asked to give a backlink to other sites, his logic is definitely
more prepared nofollow. If the backlinks that point to your website
DoFollow all, does seem “reasonable and natural?” Balance nofollow
and dofollow backlinks it needs to in order to look natural way.

Internal Site Links:

was severe, because the webmaster is very clearly written, between the posting
must exist at least 1 links to other relevant posts.

Most of newbie blogger made these 7 unbroken
mistakes in link building techniques.  Do not apply these techniques on
your blog to get high PR and site ranking. 


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