Blogwalking is a way of
getting backlinks and drive traffic to your blog navigating between blogs. If
someone commenting on every single post on your blog articles (Discontinuing
the Discussion) with links and never returns again, it’s going to be pretty
obvious that they’re just trying to create backlinks. They should be vexed your
blog value. A good blog is a blog which has the effectiveness of the outgoing
links and internal links of each post. So with keep the outgoing links we can
make our blogs better SEO friendly to Google and especially Google Panda. How
do we make all outgoing links on our blog more SEO, one way in which we can add
tags rel = “nofollow” to any links that are not related to our blog
like the links in the comments section.
Avoid Comment Link Blogwalking to Protect Blog from Spammers
Inside Blog comment
section other bloggers abandon their traces blogs with include their homepage
URL in a comment (eg. <a href=”Blog URL” rel=”dofollow”>Blog
Name<a/>), this is not good for our blog. Why, because we are only going
to share a lot of points on our blog and send it to their links. So the only
way is to add the tag rel = “nofollow” on any comment on our blog.
And make sure each time you make a new post and was forced to put links that
are not related to the blog we should attach the tags rel =
to add tag rel=”nofollow” in every comment:
1. Go to Blogger >>
Template >> Edit HTML
2. Take a backup of your
3. And search this code <a
4. And remove this with
below code

<a class=’comment-link’

5. Now search this code <a
6. And remove with this

expr:href=’data:comment.authorUrl’ rel=’nofollow’

7. Save your template

After you add the tags rel
= “nofollow” you do not have to worry anymore with the act of
spammers are quite disturbing, leaving a trail of links in a comment, this
method is called Blogwalking. It is very beneficial to legacy of the trail but
very detrimental to the owner of the blog. And this is one of the SEO strategies
that are preferred.


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