A group of 15 to 20 people attacked the Facebook
building with stones, smoke bombs and color glasses on Saturday night. Windows
were smashed. The announcement was made on 13 December 2015, the Hamburg
police. On the building the word "facebook dislike" was sprayed.  7 smoke bombs were thrown at the entrance of
Caffamacherreihe. According to witnesses who also called "Facebook
dislike" when they stormed the building. However, one was injured.
facebook dislike

Among the motives for the attack so far
nothing is known. However, the police rule out a politically motivated act. The
Facebook team in Germany moved in early 2015 in vacant office space directly
behind the Axel Springer building. Facebook hired at its new headquarters on
three floors. Now 50 people work there for the social network.

The Group was dressed in black and wore
balaclavas. Regarding the amount of property damage, no details could still be
made. The state took over the protection of investigations.
In a letter of confession of the anarchist
real-life hacking team at Indymedia for the attack it says on Facebook:
"You can you link up socially with us, but what you get to see, emerges
who and what message with you and who your real friends are we to decide who
controls the Internet, controls not only the knowledge of mankind but also
influenced so that their views, preferences and habits -.. everything
individualized highly "Facebooks manipulation of communication are completely


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