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Before the developer conference WWDC 2017 we noticed: Apple can again keep secrets. One reason for the company to present more news is a team of globally operating employees, the so-called iPhone "Leaks" is to prevent. Partially, the affected persons previously worked for the NSA, the FBI, the Secret Service or the US military. They do good work, as statistics show.

How do you deal with a problem that is incredibly large? By engaging specialists. This is exactly what Apple has done. As is now known, there is a team at the iPhone manufacturer, which is recruited from former employees of the NSA, the FBI, Secret Service and US military. The colleagues apparently overlook a project that has daily to do with more people on assembly lines in China than the US air traffic controllers at airports handles. This "unit" operates for the company from Cupertino worldwide and looks to the suppliers on the fingers.

Security has top priority at Apple

The magazine "The Outline" reports instructions given to employees of Apple's "product safety team". It also mentions Tim Cook, who stressed that product safety measures would be doubled. The magazine obviously had an audio recording of such an internal briefing.

The extent of the production of devices for Apple are now immense. More than 2.7 million employees are employed daily in China alone in 40 companies. The US air traffic control, on the other hand, has to monitor only 1.8 million passengers every day at airports in the USA.

Low salary level and high prices

On the one hand, we learn, the low content of the mind naturally arouses appetite. On the other hand, immoral offers by interested parties, which would partly include a whole year's salary. Apple itself, we read further, has specifically in 2013 very many pre-releases on the iPhone 5c have had to bear. At that time, 19,000 chassis components had been purchased at the notorious market in Huaqiangbei in Shenzen in the time before the device was known. A further 11,000 such components were then "bought away" in the time between the acquaintance and the production start in Shenzen.

After that, however, the control seemed to have expanded, and the system installed by Apple significantly better. In 2014, 387 chassis models were still stolen, 2015 it was only 57. Almost 50 of them were stolen in the evening of the presentation of the new iPhone. In 2016, 65 million of these smartphone cases were produced and only four pieces were stolen. This is now the lowest level on the industrial scale.

Also moles in Apple headquarters

But Apple's product safety team has also revealed in the years of its work that there are two "moles" in the Apple headquarters. There should have been employees in Cupertino, the bloggers gave information simply because they were too talkative and betrayed more than they actually were allowed.

While Apple's "task force" does a good job, it is tragicomic that the new revelations question exactly this.


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